Automatic document integration. Release automation and reconciliation. Agility in work organization.

The new era of agility of accountants

Endless hours of posting purchasing and sales documents. Valuable time checking the status of each customer's monthly activities. Periods of intense focus simply to validate data structures and to clear pending documents.

Is this still the daily routine in your Accounting Office?
With PRIMAVERA Accounting Automation (PAA) the accounting entries are automatic. The integration of e-invoice data, SAF-T (PT) and sales documents from other platforms is immediate. The reconciliation of documents is simplified through predefined integration templates that guarantee a coherent, solid and rigorous data structure.
It also has an organized and productivity-oriented work environment.
Go digital with PAA and be assured:
  • Dashboard of monthly operations per client, status and pending
  • Importing documents by origin
  • Immediate integration of SAF-T file, e-billing and other documents
  • Reconciliation of pending documents with those already released in ERP
  • Document Posting in PRIMAVERA Accounting
  • Summary of releases made
  • Consultation of accounted, discarded or reconciled documents
  • Volume of documents per integration site (ERP and PAA)
  • Customer profitability scale
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Sure about the accuracy of the numbers

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