Service excellence in retail. With the right management software, you only have to focus on unique service.

Want to see your business prosper? The solution may be at the POS

Business with a future is not built with past solutions. With the right technology, your business has plenty of room to grow. You just need to add your know-how to a smart ERP that helps take your business further.

Now you no longer need to devote time and energy to operations that can be automated.With the POS Tlim solution cashTM operations are fast. The planning and implementation of discount campaigns and promotions is simple. Item management and stock control is easy. The control of employees is immediate. The whole business is simplified.

And tax compliance is guaranteed. The solution is certified by the Tax Authority (TA) and is permanently updated. So, even if the legislation changes, you are always sure to comply with all legal and fiscal guidelines that apply to your activity.

Contribute to the boosting of the retail sector. The point-of-sale management software, TlimTM, can help:


  • Intuitive article management
  • Easy to manage promotional campaigns
  • Single Box Operations
  • Control of customer and supplier current accounts
  • Reduced investment

Check below the complete solution of the Primavera Tlim product oriented to retail business.


With TlimTM you make an efficient management of all the articles you sell in your establishment. The replacements are fast. The stock is optimized.
Colors, sizes, dimensions, article families, bar codes and other characteristics of the articles are treated in an intuitive way, so that you easily know the availability of stock.


An intuitive touch screen simplifies counter sales operations. Any operator, without training, easily performs operations such as opening/closing, cash in/out, working capital, various types of payments, returns, exchanges, among other operations.


With TlimTM it is very simple to define special periods with different prices for certain articles, quantities of articles or customers.
Printing promotional article labels is easy. Customer card management is also intuitive. It easily assigns points and loads them onto the customer’s card and converts this value.


From the attendance of the employees, to the evaluation of the sales results, passing through the control of the operational costs. TlimTM gives you the information you need to manage your business efficiently.
Control payments and receipts. Access management maps that allow you to consult the current accounts of customers and suppliers.

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