Discover the POS that guarantees a service of excellence in catering

Offer speed. Guarantee quality customer service with an invoicing software for catering!

Provide an innovative consumer experience to your customers. Gain the preference of the most demanding. Be a reference in the Catering and Beverage sector.

Perfect flavors. Cozy space. Pleasant environment … are determining factors for the success of your establishment, whether it is a restaurant, catering or take away service, a coffee or tea room, a pastry or bakery, a bar, pub or disco. But that’s not enough! The quality of the service can wipe out all the effort and investment. Have a certified invoicing software for the catering. Don’t take any risks.

Discover the POS (point of sale) that will dynamize your activity. O Pssst!TM is a front of store solution that drives the quality of service.

Ensure an excellent service to your customers with this solution:

  • Modern, agile and intuitive POS
  • Tax Authority Certified Billing Software
  • Fast and efficient management of orders and tables
  • Simple stock control
  • Easy price management
  • Rigor in cash management
  • Speed in customer loyalty
  • Immediate access to information to support business management

Check below the complete solution of the product Primavera Pssst! Oriented to the catering business.


Managing stock entries and exits is very simple with this solution.
You can easily configure alerts with minimum replacement levels. In this way, you are always sure that you will satisfy your customers’ requests in a timely manner.


Simplify price management as much as possible with Pssst!TM. The solution has a dynamic menu system that facilitates the management of differentiated values according to ingredients; as well as the static and dynamic composition of articles; the definition of prices per room, per customer, per hour (happy hours) or day of the week, discounts and promotions.


Speed is ensured by a tactile work environment, fully customizable. That is, it can highlight in the work environment the most common operations, in order to accelerate the service. It also has quick product search, immediate printing and document conversion buttons, connection to check out scales and queue management.


The management of the Working Capital is more rigorous. It also accurately controls sales, through cash declarations. And evaluates cash flows with monthly, daily and hourly maps.
Also simplify shift management and control of receipts with multiple means of payment.


With Pssst!TM it is very easy to manage customer cards. A system of discounts and points per customer, product or purchase; immediate access (at the time of purchase) to contextual information about the customer or the speed of access to the customer’s current account (with the possibility of credit sales) guarantees a service of excellence that attracts and builds loyalty.


Analyzes customer and supplier current accounts. It consults statistics on sales figures and respective VAT, cost of products, effective margins, and other data that helps decision making. With the information provided, you do not need advanced management training to conduct your business successfully.


Enjoy a privileged communication channel with your customers. Replace traditional paper menus with digital menus available on tablets. Give your customers autonomy in order selection and shipping directly to the kitchen, without the need for operator intervention – in the Digital Menu of your establishment or from any smartphone.

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