Enjoy an intelligent ERP that collaborates in the management of your business

An intelligent ERP for businesses with a future

Business with a future is not built with past solutions. With the right technology, your business has plenty of room to grow. You just need to add your know-how to a smart ERP that helps take your business further.

The PRIMAVERA Professional solution is the engine of PME that demand success as an end result. An innovative technology that integrates the Cloud and On-premises environments simplifies access to information. Operations are faster. The most rigorous data. And the most productive teams.

Accelerate into the era of smart business with ERP PRIMAVERA Professional:

  • Access mechanisms that simplify the implementation of RGPD
  • Follow legal and fiscal developments without concerns
  • Easily integrate ERP with various applications and platforms
  • Get a central and cohesive business management
  • Access an app that gives you access to information anywhere
  • Enjoy artificial intelligence that helps you conduct your business
  • Benefit from a business assistant that makes everything faster

Check below the complete solution of Primavera Professional v10 product. You can at any time purchase and implement any of the modules below.

Contacts and opportunities

Convert information, from customers and potential customers, into business opportunities. The solution helps you to create a calendar of daily activities, more aligned with the objectives, facilitating the monitoring of each opportunity.


Simple and intuitive tools speed up over-the-counter sales operations so that you can offer your customers a pleasant shopping experience. Complies with rigor and simplicity all legal and fiscal requirements associated with its activity. It also ensures compliance with your company’s rules, through document approval flows that guarantee maximum rigor in operations.

Technical Services

Optimize processes, from intervention planning and management to reporting. With PRIMAVERA Professional ERP you simplify the organization of teams, speed up the response to requests and quickly obtain execution data that provide rigorous operational and financial control of internal and external interventions.


Simplify operations. Speed up execution and obtain maximum accounting accuracy. The PRIMAVERA Professional solution speeds up the entire accounting process: from the registration of documents, through budget management, preparation of charts of accounts by financial year, to the calculation of results.


Speed is ensured by automated settlement, account transfer and matching, pending entries, advances and other Treasury movements. The effectiveness is guaranteed by automatic processes that eliminate errors and failures in document entry.

Foreign Trade

With the PRIMAVERA Professional solution, you optimize the organization of information on imports, monitor the status of each process, control the timing of delivery of goods and obtain a global control of costs involved. The information about the purchase operations abroad flows naturally in the various areas of the ERP, ensuring speed throughout the purchase cycle.

Materials Management

Enjoy a rigorous stock management, with no breakdowns or losses of material in the warehouse. PRIMAVERA ERP guarantees you efficient management of purchases, inventory and warehouses. This management system gives you the information you need to maintain the appropriate stock level, optimize the reception of materials, manage warehouse locations and guarantee the correct valuation of stocks.

Contract Management

It’s that simple! Speed up the entire contract management cycle now. PRIMAVERA Professional’s automation guarantees you speed and precision throughout the process, integrating commercial and administrative information which results in huge assertiveness and increased capacity to control purchase, sales and after-sales contracts. All in accordance with the defined commercial rules.

Project Management

With this solution it is very simple to obtain a financial control of the projects/works in progress. The intuitive organization of information allows you to know in detail each Project / Work, manage budgets, monitor their evolution and estimate costs.

Personal Data Manager

Ensure compliance of your management system, in a simple way. PRIMAVERA’s solutions are adapted to the new legislation on personal data protection, guaranteeing your compliance with the legally required requirements. You can also access the Personal Data Manager solution, a new PRIMAVERA ERP module equipped with productivity mechanisms that speed up the response to new regulations.

Human Resources

PRIMAVERA Professional allows you to automate slow and error-prone operations. It automatically handles the processing of salaries and other remuneration, contributory systems and retentions, bonuses, commissions, compensation and other charges. It also integrates automatically with the Social Security’s Bäse Platform, eliminating the administrative work of communicating, registering the employment relationship and the Remuneration Declaration for new employees.


Assets that are owned, leased, rented or used. In PRIMAVERA Professional you will find simple and intuitive tools for recording acquisitions, calculating depreciation, posting revaluations, impairment losses, recording repairs, disposals and write-offs.

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