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No one is free from suffering a Ransomware attack, from large to small businesses and even on a personal level. Being prepared is the best way to combat this type of computer crime.

What is a Ransomware attack?

A ransomware attack can be started by an email sent with an attachment. This attachment can be an executable file, a compressed file (.zip), an office document, among others. Once the attachment is opened by the user the malware is executed on the computer. In addition to emails with malicious attachments, ransomware can also be distributed through websites, which when the user visits them are infected without realizing it.

The infection is not immediately visible to the user. The malware operates silently until encryption or blocking is performed. After that a message is displayed on the screen informing the user that the data has been locked and requesting the user to pay a ransom in order to get access to their data again. After this happens it is too late to save the data through any security measures that may exist.

Number of Ransomware Attacks Worldwide

Should I pay the ransom?

Pagar o resgate nunca é recomendado, principalmente porque não garante que seja a solução do problema. Um número considerável de problemas podem surgir depois de pagar o resgate, por exemplo, a componente de recuperação do malware pode ter um bug que faça com que os dados cifrados fiquem irremediavelmente perdidos, mesmo com a chave de decifragem correcta.

Adicionalmente, se o resgate for pago, prova aos criminosos que o ransomware é efetivo. Em resultado, os criminosos irão continuar a desenvolver a sua actividade à procura de novas formas de explorar sistemas, resultando num maior número de infecções e mais dinheiros nas suas mãos.

Leading cause of ransomware infection 2020

Major operating systems targeted by ransomware


Of the attacks are Ransomwares

12 sec

A company is a victim of Ransomware in the world


Average amount requested per redemption


Windows Operating System

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