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The JASMIN Primavera solution is a simple and intuitive cloud invoicing software. An innovative technology that allows you to manage purchases and suppliers, make sales and control stock entries and exits. Being a cloud solution simplifies access to information.

Accelerate into the age of intelligent business with a simple and intuitive software like Jasmin:

  • Manage purchases and orders from suppliers
  • Invoicing and meeting tax obligations
  • Controlling stock entries and exits
  • Prediction of results and profit margin
  • Driving the business in the right direction
  • Marketing the products/services on a global scale

Check out the various features available in Jasmin software.


We know that time flies and the most important thing is to make the business happen. That’s why, with Jasmin identifying purchase needs, registering and tracking orders, creating delivery notes and checking incoming material is superfast. Just a few seconds and the administrative work is done.


Easily responds to a quote request and converts the document into an order, generates transport notes and issues communication to the Tax Authority (TA), creates the invoice, credit or debit note and issues the receipt. With different VAT rates and several currencies. And everything is already pre-configured so, you can respond quickly, and with all the guarantees of certification, to fiscal and legal obligations.

Stock Management

With Jasmin the bills always match! You know beforehand when you order items, check orders, track stock entries and exits or movements between warehouses, in addition to the permanent inventory. And also responds to the obligation of communication to Tax Authority.

Forecast results

Jasmin is the compass of your business. It allows you to always follow the profit margin, without mistakes or surprises. Jasmin helps you to plan accurately the receipts and payments, to define credit limits, to monitor the outstanding values and their due dates. Everything so you can know in real time the profitability of your business and ensure a good financial health of your company.

Driving the business in the right direction

Forward is the way. And Jasmin helps to conduct the business successfully. A set of dashboards with statistical analyses of purchases, pending orders, sales results, stock quantities, outstanding amounts, or net margins helps you make informed decisions every time.

Trading on a global scale

When you conceived your business the world was the limit? That’s right! Today business happens on a global scale. And with Jasmin everything is ready to integrate with the Facebook store. So, in a single platform and in a few minutes opens your online store. Et voilà! The world is the limit.

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